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BOOM! Malls & E-Zines is a web-based enterprise that has been on the World Wide Web since 1997. BOOM! Malls & E-Zines was established by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers and offers:
  • BOOM! - a light E-zine for baby boomers, is a collection of witty articles on topical and nostalgic themes with lively comments. What happens when the generation which could trust no one over thirty turns fifty ? Join the thoughts, grounded and otherwise, of Marcia Brown Rubinstien as she observes the 21st century through the lens of the sixties.

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  • BOOM! Malls & E-Zines provide selections of Freebies, Sales & Special Deals of interest to Baby Boomers. DEEPLY DISCOUNTED items are selected from the most popular virtual stores on the Internet and organized in stacks at the Malls. New stacks are added and existing stacks are frequently refreshed and updated. BOOM! Malls & E-Zines currently offers:

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BOOM! has been awarded a Times Pick Award by the Los Angeles Times. You can read about the BOOM! Pick Award by clicking on the Times Pick Award image on this page.

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